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Peter and Howard Picture

Howard began his career as a tax attorney at the IRS. He realized very early on that working as a tax attorney would not be his life-long career path as he had a strong desire to help people and add value to their financial lives. He transitioned to the wealth management industry in 1979 working for MONY.


He joined New England Advisory Group (NEAG) in 2003, where he first met Peter. Peter started his career at Morgan Stanley in 2001 and joined NEAG two years later where they encouraged team and group work with senior and junior advisors.


“When I first met Peter, he sat down and tried to hand me a resume,” Howard said. “I said, ‘I don’t need no stinking resume.’ I asked, ‘do you practice CHI? Are you caring, honest and intelligent? If so, everything else will take care of itself.’”


This became the start of a brilliant partnership and they always stuck together because “we had a real vision for how we could truly help people.”


In 2003, Howard and Peter began a search for an independent, comprehensive financial planning firm that focused on retirement planning and wealth management. That search led them to Integrated Financial Partners (Integrated) and they officially joined the firm in 2009. 


In 2010, they began their partnership with Alkon Levine which is still a very successful relationship today.


Alyssa Negoshian joined the team in 2017 as Practice Manager. She was later joined by Patrick Considine in 2019 and Chad DiLisio in 2021.

Company Timeline

Alkon Levine, LGA LLP and Integrated Financial Partners are separate entities and not affiliated with LPL Financial.

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