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Why do some investors choose to “go it alone;” to navigate the world of investing based on their own observations, information, or feelings? For the thrill or excitement? Maybe they share a belief that investing is easy or that making their own investment decisions is more cost-efficient?

While a variety of factors can influence investment returns, investor underperformance may in part be attributed to:


  • The tendency for investors to sell underperforming investments and then replace them with others that have performed well; a pattern of “buying high” and “selling low”

  • Emotionally driven decisions that may cause trading at inopportune times

  • Investment activity motivated by media hype, financial news networks, or televised “experts”

  • Poor market timing decisions resulting in missed opportunities

While investment returns are unpredictable, we can help you avoid some of the common pitfalls of investing so you can stay focused on your investment objectives and committed to your long-term plan. We can also help you define your goals and implement a strategy designed to potentially increase your return over time.

Our Commitment to You


We seek to…

  • Create a financial plan that addresses many aspects of your financial well-being

  • Construct a suitable portfolio based on your unique objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon

  • Chart the on-going progress toward addressing your goals

  • Stay abreast of economic and investment trends that may affect your portfolio and making changes as needed

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